About Us


We are kamarlingos enterprises, a new innovative Marketing& advertising company that specializes in the whole field of Marketing and the promotion of high quality products and services. Our journey started during the first wave of the corona pandemic. Where others stopped and everything was against us we went against the odds .We made our own start in the business world and we took a very big risk but at the same time a big promise to ourselves….to provide only the highest quality products and services at the best prices.


Our goal is to offer smart and economical solutions to companies in order to increase their Sales, strengthen their brand name and build a long-term relationship of trust with their customers. Because the only one thing that satisfy us is to see and feel the joy of success through our costumer’s eyes.


Through our specialized knowledge on the most profitable techniques of sales and marketing our team will build the perfect plan for your business which will give you the best results. But the most important element of our success is not only our knowledge in field but it is our unceasing passion for continuous improvement of our products and services.


When you choose to work with us you have to understand one thing, it’s more than just a product and a service is a relationship of trust and reliability. We have only one goal to provide you only with the top quality products and services and to make you feel unique and special. Also another reason that makes us stand out from other competitors is the anthropocentric approach we have with our customers as our company is structured in a way that promotes human values ​​and ideals. We don’t see our costumers just a number, we see them as a part of a strong and united family and we treat them with respect and honour. Doing business with us it’s the best choice you did for your company.


We offer a wide range of unique products and pioneering Sales and Marketing services to companies that want to stand out from their competitors.

  1. Printing and textile services:

We take over all the design and the production of all the kinds of printing and textile products for your company with the highest quality materials at the best prices. You name it, we do it! Over 5000 products for every type of business.

  1. Branding design solutions:

Creating a strong brand name is essential for a company and that’s why our marketing team guided by your wants and needs undertakes to design and promote your own unique corporate brand. They do it through quality promotional products which aim to strengthen the image of your business and offer you recognition and value in your products and services. It’s a guaranteed solution that offers an immediate increase in your profits and sales and improves the image of your company.

  1. Social Media Management:

Our experienced team of digital marketers takes over the management and marketing of your company’s social media and offers you all the kinds of services around social media industry such as S.E.O, email marketing, strategic advertising campaigns, design and the delivery of smart and creative content for your business.

  1. Business growth development:

Through a detailed market research, our team methodically designs the appropriate strategic plan for your company in order to increase your sales volume and gain a competitive advantage in the market. We achieve this with modern Marketing methods that give us the big picture around the target market of your business and through deep and detailed market analysis of the products and services.

  • Market analysis
  • Costumer analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Business plan
  • W.O.T analysis
  • Porters 5 forces Analysis
  • Stage Gate analysis
  1. Specialized sales and management consulting:

Proper and professional management of sales staff is vital for any business. Through our experienced guidance and our seminars you will increase rabidly your sales of your business as we aim in the heart of the problem which creates a decrease in your sales.


Best Quality Printed Textiles & Specialized Gifts at the most Affordable Prices!

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